If you are interested in digital marketing opportunities and want to learn more about the topic on international scale, check this webinar recording!

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    Digital Marketing Opportunities

    • Digital Marketing Opportunities


"With the challenging and restrictive situation of COVID-19 Haltian wanted the sales and marketing people to fully prepared to take the most advantage of social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

With Riikka we were able to customize the time and topics to cover based on our skillset and interest. The tailoring process was performed with the most flexibility and professionalism. 

The education was very comprehensive and insightful. The majority of attendees found new pieces of information that weren't aware of and gave us all tools and methodologies to benefit from LinkedIn and Twitter. 

All in all, I recommend Riikka as a good educator in the social media platforms aforementioned and that is easy to work with."

Paulo Lopes

Senior Marketing Manager at Haltian